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B12 Deficiency
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Coeliac Disease and gluten sensitivity
Colon Cancer and polyps
Crohn's Disease
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Alcohol and the Liver
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Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
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Remicaide and Humira
Ulcerative Colitis
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Diet for IBS
Pain in the Gut
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Coeliac disease
General "Gastro" Websites
Graphic of rectal prolapse
Irritable Bowel Websites
Liver disease
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Article: National action plan for Hepatitis C
Article: New drugs for ulcerative colitis
Article: Diet and IBS updated
Article: COMMENTS SECTION needs more entries!!
Article: New treatments for Crohn's disease
Article: Worried about bad press on PPIs
Article: Teas containing senna removed from sale
Article: Molaxole for constipation
Article: New treatment for Hepatitis C
Article: Extended funding for adalimumab (Humira)
Article: Rectogesic now funded for anal fissure
Article: Entocort available for microscopic colitis
Article: Drug for nausea now more freely available
Article: Humira (adalimumab)
Article: Does treatment for gastric acid cause osteoporosis
Article: Losec 10mg and 20mg available from your Pharmacist
Article: New probiotics available for IBS and IBD
Article: Screening for colon cancer
Article: New treatments for Hepatitis B
Article: New formulation for omeprazole
Article: Movicol now funded for treatment of constipation
Article: New treatments for Crohn's disease
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FAQ:Does omeprazole or simila...
FAQ:Does reflux cause cough, ...
FAQ:Is it safe to use domperi...
Collapse Coeliac diseaseCoeliac disease
FAQ:Do I have coeliac disease...
FAQ:Do I need to have a glute...
Collapse Inflammatory bowel diseaseInflammatory bowel disease
FAQ:Are there any new treatme...
FAQ:Can I get off Prednisone ...
FAQ:Does stress cause inflamm...
FAQ:If hospital admission is ...
FAQ:Is Crohn’s disease a more...
FAQ:Is proctitis different fr...
FAQ:Should surgery for Crohn’...
FAQ:What are the risks of COV...
FAQ:What drugs for IBD are sa...
FAQ:What is the appropriate t...
FAQ:What is the role of diet?...
Collapse Irritable bowel syndromeIrritable bowel syndrome
FAQ:Are there good natural tr...
FAQ:Do I need to avoid pips, ...
FAQ:Does aloe vera juice have...
FAQ:How useful are breath tes...
FAQ:Is it safe to use Loperam...
FAQ:What are prebiotics and d...
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