Loose bowel motions may be due to an infection (gastroenteritis) but if the symptoms persist for more than 3 weeks then other conditions need to be considered. Sometimes the problem is......


Losec 10mg and 20mg available from your Pharmacist

Losec is a widely respected brand name for Omeprazole - an effective treatment for reflux. This was previously only available on prescription but has now become available directly from the Pharamcist. Packs of 7 or 14 tablets can be bought "over the counter" after discussion with your pharmacist.

The 10mg tablet is a lower dose than usually prescribed but is an effective treatment for milder symptoms. The effect for most people will be better than Ranitidine or Gaviscon (also available directly from the Pharmacy) although if the symptoms are infrequent - say once a week or less then Ranitidine as required might be the best option. It is certainly an advance to now have a range of products available without a prescription. For frequent and troublesome symptoms you should go directly to your doctor. For more details on Losec (omeprazole) see the section on heartburn.

2011 Losec 20mg has become available directly from the pharmacy. This is gives even more choice for those people with mild and occasional symptoms of heartburn. The duration of treatment that can be obtained from your chemist have now been extended to 30 days

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