Usually vomiting is not due to disease of the stomach but due to the generalised effect of another illness...

FAQ: Is Crohn’s disease a more sever disease than ulcerative colitis?

Yes and No!

No. Both conditions have a highly variable course.
There is more uncertainty and perhaps fear of Crohn’s disease but the majority of patients with Crohn’s disease do achieve an excellent quality of life with a combination of medical and surgical treatment.

Yes. There is the potential for more complicated disease with Crohn’s disease.
The complications are more diverse and severe (compared to ulcerative colitis) because of the nature of the inflammation (intestinal obstruction, perforation and fistulae).
o Diffuse small bowel disease may have prominent abdominal pain, weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.
o Perianal disease may lead to abscess and fistulae leading to troublesome peri-anal pain and discharge. (see Crohn's disease).

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