A low blood count or anaemia can lead to tiredness and breathlessness. This is may be due to loss of blood from the gut (especially if there is evidence of low body iron stores)...

FAQ: If hospital admission is not required for a flare of colitis what changes to oral treatment will be effective?

Increasing the dose of 5-ASA medication (Pentasa or Asacol) is only of modest benefit.
This change alone is not usually be enough to resolve a relapse.
However any benefit of higher doses is achieved with only minimal risk of side-effects.
The usual maintenance dose can be increased from 4 to 6 tablets daily (for both Pentasa and Asacol). 8 tablets per day occasionally used.
If Salazaopyrin is the current treatment this can be increased from 4 to 6 tablets daily.
Even this dose increase will often result in headaches or gastrointestinal side-effects.
Most people can not tolerate 8 tabs per day because of some side-effects.

Most relapses will require a course of oral Prednisone.
The starting dose should be 40mg daily. Lower doses (10-20mg daily) are often not enough to induce remission. The dose should be decreased only when improvement is seen. This may take 2-3 weeks. Once symptoms have resolved there should then be a gradual reduction in dose. Total duration will usually be 4 - 8 weeks but depends on severity of relapse.

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