Abdominal pain may be caused by a wide range of problems. "Attacks" of pain in the right upper abdomen lasting for several hours may be due to gallstones...

FAQ: What drugs for IBD are safe in pregnancy

What medications can be used during pregnancy?
Giving good advice to a pregnant patient with IBD involves balancing the risk of treatment with the risk of untreated disease. There is a large amount of data to support the continued use of 5-ASA and steroids (if required) during pregnancy. Azathioprine treatment can be continued during pregnancy if required to maintain remission. There is a large collective experience from mothers with renal transplants. Azathioprine does not cause birth defects. There is no increased risk of abortion and no decrease in fertility. There was some concern regarding fathers taking azathioprine. This came from one small study but other data is reassuring. Continuation of medication during pregnancy is usually the safest approach because of the greater risk to the fetus of uncontrolled disease activity.

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