Loose bowel motions may be due to an infection (gastroenteritis) but if the symptoms persist for more than 3 weeks then other conditions need to be considered. Sometimes the problem is......

FAQ: Is proctitis different from colitis

Proctitis is chronic inflammation (of the ulcerative colitis type) confined to the rectum.
That is, only the last few inches of the bowel are involved. Diarrhoea is generally not the problem. The main symptoms are bleeding, frequency and urgency of bowel motions and a feeling of incomplete emptying.

The treatment should concentrate on medication given through the anus. There are a variety of formulations available. The easiest (and most acceptable) method of delivering drug to the affected area is by suppositories (e.g. Asacol suppositories). Colifoam enemas are also convenient to use (foam in a pressurized container). Many people with proctitis alternate between these two types of medication or, by trial and error, find that one is better for them.
Taking tablets as well as per "rectal treatment" does have an additive benefit.
Usually this means a 5-ASA tablet like Asacol or Pentasa.

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